Park Rules

  1. We reserve the right to assign sites. If you wish to change sites, please check with the office.
  2. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 12 NOON. We DO NOT have Late Check Outs. You may remain on your site IF it is available, AND you have paid for another day BEFORE your scheduled check-out day. We will charge your reservation for the additional day if you are not off of the site by 12 noon on your scheduled check-out day.
  4. Site prices are based on two (2) people. Additional people will be charged accordingly. Six (6) people max per site.
  5. Only one (1) recreational vehicle OR two (2) tents allowed per site. Tents are not allowed on certain sites.
  6. DO NOT PUT TRASH OUT AFTER 12 NOON. Daily trash pickup is from 8 am to 12 noon. Trash contents must be under 10 lbs and be properly contained. If you wish to dispose of trash after 12 noon, you may bring it to the dumpster located in the RV storage area. A recycle bin is located behind the ice storage boxes by the park office.
  7. Keep your campsite clean. If the park staff must clean your site due to excessive trash, to include but not limited to, cigarette butts, trash, bottle caps, etc, there will be a $25 CLEANING FEE charged to your reservation.
  8. Other than in designated areas NO DUMPING OF GRAY WATER per Florida State Regulations A SECOND VIOLATION ENTITLES YOU TO BE ESCORTED OFF THE PROPERTY BY THE COUNTY SHERIFF. Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) FINE for each violation.
  10. Quiet Hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. No excessive noise at any time.
  11. Daily & Overnight visitors must register with the park office, pay an entrance fee, and receive a pass.
  12. The Park speed limit is 5 mph.
  13. One watercraft per dock site. No sleeping in watercraft. No rafting of watercraft. Marina is a NO WAKE ZONE.
  14. A $150 FINE will be charged to your reservation for your docking watercraft at any location for which you do not have a reservation.
  15. Parents/Guests are responsible for the actions, safety, and supervision of the children. After 10 pm, children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult while they are in the park and away from their site.
  16. Only one (1) recreational vehicle OR two (2) tents allowed per camp site. Tents are not allowed on certain sites.
  17. Everything must fit on your site. Only one (1) boat and two (2) vehicles allowed per site. Additional vehicles, trailers, etc., must be registered with office and kept in a designated storage area. There may bean extra charge for extra vehicles, boats, trailers, etc.
  18. All vehicles, trailers, watercraft, golf carts, etc, must have a park sticker or pass displayed to enter the park.
  19. For a charge, park staff will move your trailer to and from your site for stays of 7 days or longer.
  20. No parking watercraft trailers on Ocean Isle Area. Sites AA thru RR = Ocean Isle Area. Be Courteous of the View.
  21. WASHING of vehicles and trailers is PROHIBITED. Only watercraft taken out of the water may be rinsed.
  22. No permanent structures of any kind. No hot tubs. No swimming pools. No outdoor showers or toilets.
  23. Only one outdoor freezer or refrigerator will be allowed. No commercial ice makers or commercial fans.
  24. Outside sinks and portable showers must be plumbed into your RV septic system per Florida Health Department. Standards and approval of such must be given by Park Management.
  25. Gray and black holding tank pump outs may be scheduled. Same day pump-outs must be requested and paid before 2:30 pm.
  26. Extra holding tanks must be portable. You must empty them yourself as park staff will no longer pump them out.
  27. NO ATVs, mini bikes, motorized skateboards, or bike ramps are allowed to be used in the park. Bicycles must have appropriate lighting to ride after dark. The required lighting kit for bicycles is sold in the park office.
  28. Golf carts must be registered at the office and may only be driven by guests with a valid driver’s license. Golf carts are not to be driven after dark unless they have proper lighting. Golf carts may not be driven after 11:00 pm.
  29. Firecrackers, fireworks and firearms are not permitted in this park per Florida State Law.
  30. Pets are allowed in air conditioned RVs only. NO PETS IN TENTS. Dogs MUST be on a 6 foot leash (maximum). No pets are allowed on the beach. All dog waste is to be picked up and placed in the trash. Dogs should not be left unattended outside of the RV. Owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. In the event any animal becomes a nuisance to other guests or employees, upon receipt of notice by Knights Key Management to the animal’s owner, the animal shall be removed from Knights Key RV Resort immediately!
  31. Ground fires are not permitted on sites. Wood fires must be contained above ground. Grills may be used for cooking.
  32. No cutting or trimming of any trees or shrubbery.
  33. No ropes, clothes lines or hammocks to be hung from trees. Free-standing hammocks are allowed.
  34. The park manager reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to ask any person to leave the park at any time.
  35. Knights Key Management LLC is not responsible for: theft; loss of item(s); damage due to fire; accidents caused by others in the park; vehicle accidents; or; acts of nature that occur in the park.